If you are lost here it means that your are curious in knowing about me a little more, well it's wierd, but as you wish...


I would describe me as an hobbyist interested in electronic, computing, software, DIY, and hacking things in general...
As far as I remember I always had enthusiasm to technology, make things, arrived in high school I discovered/learned electronic and never stopped it.
I also enjoy video games, mangas/animes, cinema, sport, travels.

Why this blog?

  • I want to share my passion about Electronic, Computer, Hacks, and Geeky stuff.
  • It's a great way to keep tracks of my projects (even if only 10% of them are present on this blog due to lack of time. :-/)
  • When you are stuck on a problem alone looking for hints and solution on the web, I often find out precise and very critical information on blogs that save me a lot of time, avoid to be on edge, and save my life expectancy. => As I am phillatropic, I want to save your life too :o)
  • Another reason is to adopt a clean way to "hack" by documenting a minimum, produce clean code and results. 
  • Ensure easy come back on a subject be rereadin my old post
  • Laughing at me in future by re-reading my own posts.

I hope you will find subjects interesting and will have as much fun to read as I had to hack and write.
Any questions, and feedbacks, are welcome. (lol cats videos too)