Monday, July 8, 2013

PGP and GnuPG for newbies

Recently, I played around with PGP keys for mail, files, and in general data encryption/verification between a sender and a recipient.
The PGP standard (stand for Pretty Good Privacy) have an open source suite implementation: GPG (GnuPG). This is quite simple to use if you want to ensure that only the person you want can read your message, and on the other side be sure that you can trust message incoming.
This post is a short one to summarize what is a PGP keys pair, what's the point with it, and how to use it thanks to GnuPG.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dockstar revive from death limbo


This post deals with reviving a Dockstar without any kernel booting(no usb reliable boot, no rescue system installed on flash, no stock pogoplug rom installed) but with at least access to Uboot by serial.
I will describe step by step how to do that and also configuring the whole system to get for future: netconsole uboot debug, install a debian rescuer on flash, make a backup of your whole system, get DHCP working,

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Domogik (v0.1.0) USB Mail notifer plugin

UsbMailNotifer Domogik plugin
As I'm currently managing to get my apartment automated, I was looking for a opensource way to do it my self so as to learn thing and hack a bit. I decided to start my home automation on the Domogik opensource project that presents a lot advantage quickly scanned after the break. But before coding something useful to switch on/off light and opens/shut roller blind I decided to make something useless like porting my Usb Mail Notifer python package on this project! This package is designed to light a cheap ($6) usb device that can be coloured by seven different colours(red, green, lightblue, darkblue, yellow, purple, white)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Usb Mail Notifier Python Package

Three years ago I bought a mail notifier from Dealextreme. This USB device is only equipped with and RGB LED and is implementing HID protocol and so do not need any drivers to control.

When received I wanted to only poll my Gmail account each x minutes and according to the colors display my unread email, that worked very nicely until I got a smartphone...
So I unplugged the mail notifier for a long time, in fact until now..

As I am trainning in python, I decided to make a kind of package to handle this device, by creating a library that could be used in your python scripts or as a stand alone binary